Alessa | 22 | Filipino 🇵🇭 | Bi 🌈
Multimedia Arts student and designer drawing her favs, off-duty!
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Collaborative zines that I've participated in and made art for! These projects vary from for-profit initiatives to fundraising for charity or for a cause.



Sometimes I disappear then post art out of the blue because I tend to think of many ideas I wanna draw all at once! I'm fond of skies, cute things and the sea a lot!My love language is making spotify playlists for the people I love, and that includes my fav chara <3
I draw in different colors too, besides blue!
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alessa! | enfp | sagittarius | multifandom

i enjoy drawing skies, seas, soothing scenes and cute things a lot! my love language is making spotify playlists for the people i love, and that includes my fav chara <3

CURRENT INTERESTS: XiaoVen (Genshin), JJK, Blue Period, MP100, SpyxFamily, Chainsaw Man, Houseki no Kuni, Kazufuyu (Tokyo Revengers), To Your Eternity, Hell's Paradise, D. Gray-Man, tgcf, Fire Emblem, Kingdom Hearts, Persona, Nier


Thank you for your interest in commissioning me!Please read my Terms of Service thoroughly before contacting! Tips via ko-fi are very much appreciated! <3SLOTS AVAILABLE: 0

For commercial projects / zine inquiries, please email me at [email protected]Sometimes I have enough free time to accommodate a commission even when they aren’t officially open. Just send me an email if you're interested!You can follow me on my social media below to be notified of when I open commissions again!


PAYMENTPaypal, GCash / BPI (Philippines only)
CONTACTCommission order form or [email protected] (Business Inquiry)
COMMISSION TYPES OFFERED Chibi, Full scene, Half-body, Full-body
WILL DRAW You, Real people (interpreted in my style) Fanart, OCs, Animal ears, simplified ver of complex outfits, LGBTQ+, couples / pairings, magical realism, minimal blood
WILL NOT DRAW ( x )NSFW / gore, detailed clothing / mecha, hate art, detailed infrastructures, furry, pedophilia


  • Payment details will be sent to you in private through your email and/or social media handle you've provided in the form once I've approved your commission.

  • PAYMENT UPFRONT. I will only reserve your slot / start illustrating your commissioned piece once payment has been sent, along with proof of payment.

  • You may opt to do full payment upfront, or do 50% downpayment before I start illustrating your piece.

  • ✅ Full refund if I haven't started / sketched your commission.

  • Strictly no refunds and no cancellations of your commission upon payment and once drafts have been sent.

  • Commission prices listed here are for PERSONAL USE only. It may NOT be used mass-produced. Commercial works must be discussed through email. NO NFTs.

  • Please tag me when you post your commission, I appreciate it a lot! <3

  • Please write a description of what you want drawn in a kind and concise manner. Visual references would be helpful to me!

  • You may request up to 3 minor revisions free of charge during our sketch, base coloring, and shading stage. Minor and Major Revisions made after those 3 rounds or when the piece has been finalized will incur 20% additional fee.

  • I am allowed to turn down a commission if all commission slots are taken; if I feel that it is beyond my current skills; ill or rude behavior; OR if it contains overtly offensive/sexual content.

  • I have the right to all of my works and can post your piece with watermark for portfolio or promotional use. I will never resell / repurpose your commissioned piece(s) with Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

ONE (1) DRAWING can take up to 1 week to 2 weeks of completion depending on the complexity of the drawing, please be patient!I'm in my last year of university balancing art and school work so if there'll be any delays, I'll let you know ahead of time!If you'd like to see my rates or commission me right away, head over here! Thank you for reading!

Commission Types and Rates

HALF-BODY (solid color bg)50 USD | 2500php
FULL-BODY (solid color bg)60 USD | 3000php
FULL-SCENE (w/ 2 Chara & background)100 USD | 5000php
CHIBI (Icon or Full-body)20 USD | 1000php
+ 1 Additional Character10 USD | 500php

✩ All prices (EXCEPT FULL-SCENE) stated above are per ONE (1) character only!
✩ Soft-rendered / Textured Characters
✩ Solid color background may include 2 simple props!
✩ free 3x revisions (after sketch, base coloring, shading stage)
✩ Maximum of 4 characters only!
✩ Perfect for your fav scene of a story / fic / fandom you want drawn in this style <3
✩ I work best with storybook-esque and magical realism prompts, and when given some artistic freedom to interpret the idea you have in mind!
✩ Please wait 1-2 days for me to get back to you upon submitting your commission form!
✩ Scroll down below to see samples! :D

The commission form below is for personal use only! For any long-term projects or commercial work, please email your inquiries to [email protected]

Lemme draw what you love!